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Ignacio Echapresto

Ignacio is a self-taught chef, who learnt the secrets of cuisine because of his mother’s knowledge. His style of cooking is connected with the flavours and the products of La Rioja’s land. Products of our field, game dishes, wild mushrooms and seafood products are part of the cuisine of Venta Moncalvillo.

The raw materials of the menu are the products of each season. Ignacio Echapresto brings his own style of cooking and adds the vanguard techniques to reach a traditional but innovating kitchen. Simplicity is the way for elaborating dishes, and also, the respect of the original flavours’ taste make the result surprising and much better.

Textures get important in the presentation of dishes, because they represent an innovation of traditional cooking in an individually way. It is a kitchen connected with the soil and joined with a modern point of view.

  • Best chef in La Rioja, year 2006.
  • Michelin Guide brings his first star at 2010.
  • Repsol guide brings one “sun” at 2010 and the second one in 2014.
  • Best restaurant in Best of Wine Tourism Awards of 2014.

Carlos Echapresto

The perfect host and also the person in charge to look after the requests of the visitors. Carlos is Venta Moncalvillo’s sommelier and he is responsible to give advice to the visitors about wines or liquors because all of them need a partner in a meal. Wine culture is full of explanations and secrets that Carlos Echapresto will report to the commensals.

He takes care of Venta Moncalvillo’s cellar which has more than 600 references in wine from the five continents. He continues working to offer and excellent food pairing between wines and the dishes. The cellar is also the place for celebrating courses and wine tasting, where Carlos Echapresto also explains his knowledges of wine.

  • Best sommelier in La Rioja 2008, given by Regulator Council of La Rioja’s Designation of Origin to: “Sommelier who best knows and transmits Rioja’s wine culture”.
  • Best Habano sommelier in Spain in 2008 and one of the finalists in La Habana’s Best Habano Sommelier Award.
  • Finalist in the National Award as Best Sommelier in Spain of 2013.
  • International award to the best sommelier who has done the most about Rioja’s wine commercialization 2016.
  • National Gastronomy Award to the best sommelier 2016.