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Daroca de Rioja is a small village of thirty inhabitants, twelve minutes far from Logroño. Placed at the foot of Moncalvillo’s mountain chain, Daroca de Rioja is surrounded by vineyards and nature which feeds Venta Moncalvillo’s larder. Daroca river, which provides with water to Ebro river, is the natural source of water for Venta Moncalvillo’s field, whose products are the raw materials in Ignacio Echapresto’s style.

The hamlet of Daroca is surrounded by a rich natural environment. Its forests keep a wide range of species as pines, oak trees, lavender or rosemary. In autumn forest brings a wide variety of wild mushrooms, which play its part in the menu in this season. Mountains are also wild animals’ home and also game dishes are important in the menu of Autumn.


Main Saloon

Although is a wide space its atmosphere and furniture bring and intimate ambiance. Two front and luminous windows show a charming view of the restaurant’s field. The visitor will discover how the vegetables grow in this area and also that they can try them in the menu.

The walls are painted with autumn colors, such as burgundy, or rustic brown, and the light crosses the homemade coloured stained windows in the salon.

Family Saloon

The perfect ambiance to bussiness meetings, family lunches, or courses, this salon has space for sixteen people. There is a large window to show natural lighting and also the terrace of Venta Moncalvillo, and its field.

The colors of Family Saloon, brown wood and white, provide a nice environment for having lunch. At the back of the room one little fireplace made of rocks helps to keep a warm atmosphere. Its decoration shows also fresh cut flowers and ceramic objects from the town of Navarrete, symbols of traditional Rioja crafts.

Events Saloon

This is a wide space, set up to celebrate events as family events, gastronomic trainings for international travelers, business meetings, and other kind of celebrations. It has a wide range of facilities such as sound equipment, presentation equipment, and lighting.

Its ambiance brings the visitor a view of the countryside and the colors of the room create a calm atmosphere.


Moncalvillo mountains chain keep big forests of beechs, pines and other species. Wild mushrooms and fungi grow better in a cold mediterranean climate and they are part of Autumn gastronomy.

These wild forests provide Venta Moncalvillo with young pigeons, deers or wild boars, for dishes of the season In adittion, fresh fish as cod, grouper or hake are also part of the menu. One of our secrets is grilling hake barbells on vine hoots which adds a traditional natural flavour.


Venta Moncalvillo’s wine list offers the visitor the posibilitie to taste wine geography and the world’s designations of origin. An amount of 600 of references selected from the international outlook of wine made Venta Moncalvillo’s winery richer. Rioja wines are the hosts in this winery, apart from the Spanish wines, and the internationals. This let know a wide view of the wine in general.

Historic wines of The Old Country get mixed up with the new trends of The New World. This shows a reflection of the variety of wine culture, due to this mixing between the national wines and foreign wines.


Venta Moncalvillo is located in a natural privileged environment, and fertile. These natural products build the restaurant’s menú. Ebro and Daroca rivers provide with water Venta Moncalvillo’s field. Its fresh vegetables are the main ingredients when we talk about Ignacio Echapresto’s style of cooking.

The visitor will taste them joining dishes or as a main course. They are the guest stars in our kitchen in all seasons, specially in spring: Zucchini, borrage, tomatoes or artichokes. Our products are collected every day and with a special treatment. Its flavours and smells are unique and we serve them directly in your meal.


Logo Menu ROOTS … 80€

Dishes that have marked our identity, form a part of the history of our house and continue in our present.

Logo Menu FRUITS … 100€

Fruit of the experience and the work developed during more than 20 years, our most personal cooking elaborated with the best season products.

Logo Menu MADE-TO*MEASURE … 60€

Elaborate your menu and select the dishes that you want to enjoy.
Two starters · One main course · One dessert

Logo Menu A TRIBUTE … 125€

“Have a tribute”, let the cooking team show you its best.

It’s posible to accompany the menu with a wine selection prepared by our somilliers:

Menu Roots: 40€
Menu Fruits: 50€
Menu A Tribute: 75€

Service of natural water, craftsman bread of own production, appetizer and dessert.
The selected menu will be served for all eaters of the table.

* Menus can have variations, due to the fact that we work fresh season products.
* Before any intolerance or allergy, report to our team. We will elaborate a Made-to-measure menu.